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We Work Hard To Provide You The Best Quality Plants And Succulents

I wish I could tell people there was an easy route, but there is no such thing; unfortunately, it’s in our brokenness where transformation takes place, and in order to pull myself up, I had to travel into the unfamiliar and learn something new, because whether I wanted to acknowledge it or not, my football career was at a crossroads. I was damaged goods with no future plans, but one thing I did know for sure was that I had to get active in my own rescue.

Once I retired from the league, I dabbled in a few projects here and there, but nothing filled my cup like football, until a few years ago, when I found an amazing investment property in Colorado, and I began to involve myself in the cannabis industry. I was fascinated by how the plant was cultivated, what it needed to thrive, and its many uses.

Cannabis saved my life! It gave me a new purpose and another opportunity to be great. For that alone, I am extremely grateful, but truthfully, this plant has been part of my life since high school, giving me relief, improving my moods, and many times opening my mind to a newfound perspective on what I might be going through at that moment. Maintaining mental health depends on our ability to stay present, and for me, if I’m in a funk, cannabis helps me to meditate on what’s happening within and around me.

There are real benefits to this plant, and obviously my experience is deeper than most, because I’ve been able to see the full picture. I want to give people that full picture. So I started thinking, “I’m sitting on 140 acres in southern Colorado, right off this main highway, in a smaller community, with beautiful views.”

And that’s how I decided I wanted to build a resort at All Pro Farms, a cannabis destination and experience you won’t find anywhere else


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